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A part-time IT Managerial and IT Consulting service for companies that have a significant IT spend without appropriate expertise to manage it (typically this means there's a CFO or CEO looking after the IT budget and the IT technical staff). Why use a Virtual CIO? To drive solutions and growth, remove complexity and risk, and to save money!

I have over 16 years of experience in the IT industry, with roles ranging from technical to IT Managerial and IT Consulting. I work for myself, so have low overheads, and very competitive rates. If I can't save you money, you don't use me - simple!

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So What Does a Virtual CIO Do?

Don't feel bad, not many people understand my service at first. That's largely because no one's really doing it.

Think of it in terms of company size, IT structure, and IT spend:

 Company Size     Technical Support    IT Spend    IT Managerial Resource  
 Micro    Do it yourself    Minimal    No
 Small    Outsourced    Small    CEO or GM
 Medium    Outsourced or Inhouse    Moderate      CFO or CEO or GM
 Large    Outsourced or Inhouse      Large    Dedicated IT Manager

So, large companies generally have a dedicated IT Manager, who possesses appropriate IT Managerial skills and experience, and can ensure risk is minimised, IT and the business is aligned via effective planning, and fit for purpose solutions are identified and implemented for efficiences, and cost savings. They are there, because they help to both save and make money, pure and simple!

Small & Medium sized companies generally don't have this resource though. Could they use one to help save and make money? Absolutely. Do they need one full time? Absolutely not! Maybe a day a week, a day or month, or someone to sit at executive meetings to ensure IT is going in the right direction.

So, I am not the computer guy who fixes computers! I am the guy who knows how to run an efficient IT operation, and ensure that your risk is minimised, while your spend is maximised. I help companies save money, and grow.


How Do I Work?

I know my title is "Virtual CIO", but that doesn't mean you'll never see me. I typically complete a lot of work onsite, as I need to understand how an IT operation is structured.

I basically provide 3 types of services:

1 - Ad-hoc (i.e. one-off) Consulting Services: This could be to generate an IT strategic plan, project manage a change, or write a report.

2 - Part-time Regular: I'm complete regular hours for your organisation. I'll be there onsite working with your technical resources and Executives to make things better. It would be for whatever hours are required, and part-time regular means you get to lock me in for a set number of hours, at a set time.

3 - Advisory: I'm happy to sit in on Executive / Board level meetings and ensure IT is steering in the same direction as the business.


What Does It Cost?

My rates range from $140 to $180 per hour (ex GST), depending on what I'm doing. I'm also happy to work out packages for significant bodies of work.

Compare that to the rates of an IT Consultancy company, and that makes me very cost effective. Why? Because I  have low overheads, and that gets passed onto my clients.

Have a look at some of my client testimonials and results in case you're thinking I'm cheap because I'm not very good at what I do.


Management Focused IT Audit

Know Where You Stand

Is your IT money spent wisely? Where can improvements be made? Do you need a Virtual CIO service, a consultant, or even your own full time resource?

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Increase Your Bottom Line

Increase Your Bottom Line

Inefficiencies & risk cost money, but fit for purpose decisions and efficiencies will make money. That's why this service usually pays for itself!

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An Expert Managing IT

An Expert Managing IT

Gain access to a highly experienced and skilled part-time CIO. No longer do you have to be a large enterprise to gain access to this kind of service!

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"Mike has removed complexity, risk and cost, and has introduced efficiencies to ensure that our business is optimally supported by our IT budget"

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