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What can a Virtual CIO do for your startup?

Here's another article I wrote for Expert360 - they wanted info on how a Virtual CIO can assist startups, and this translates to SMEs as well. With the best of intentions I tried to keep it short, but there's just so much information to cover!

The Essentials of ChangeThere's no doubt that IT is the engine room of many businesses, to the point that they are utterly reliant on it to provide productivity services and tools to staff. And budget wise, yeah it can definitely be a bit of a black hole for the dollars to disappear into! But what is IT to most businesses? Well of course it’s about providing appropriate hardware and software (Architecture), and then fixing that hardware and software (Service Delivery) when it breaks right? Great, IT is just hardware and software.

When it's ok to lie in a job interview

The year is 1998. Picture a young man sitting in front of the UK CIO of a massive accounting firm for a job interview. CIO: "So, what have you been doing". Young man (which might be me): "Um, IT support for the forecasting division at the BBC".

IT Budgeting - Difficult But Useful

I know companies spend big on IT these days - it’s the engine room, so no IT, no business. And yet, so many companies don’t actually get a handle on where the money needs to be going! It seems that the IT budget is some mythical beast that is simply too hard to understand, and to be fair that probably is the case because most companies don’t have a longer term strategic plan to map out change initiatives. No idea on initiatives, minimal idea on cost, because IT environments constantly change!

Do what you would advise others to do

I recently wrote this for the Expert 360 blog, and it's something I see a lot of - basically SME owners / CEOs not following due process for identifying and implementing IT change. If your company doesn't do change well (and frankly a lot don't), then this could be an interesting read!

The Essentials of Change

When I audit or work with companies, I always ask them a few questions about their IT security activities, basically to determine whether they have appropriate hardware and software in place to detect and deal with threats in real time. Yep, usually all good - any decent IT tech knows this stuff! But ...

Wasting money in IT

Every company I have ever worked for has had a problem with wastage. They may not have known about it, but the problem was there. Now I deal with companies on a day to day basis helping them get the best out of their IT spend, and it's no secret that IT can be one of the biggest money wasters around. But why?

The Essentials of Change

Virtual CIO Brisbane helps companies that can't justify the engagement of a full time IT Managerial expert. Working for only the hours you require, the focus is on planning and improvement activities to ensure you gain understand & control over your IT operations, identify and implement fit for purpose decisions, and ultimately help your company grow.

The Importance of IT Strategic Planning

Strategy is important. Anyone would attest to that a paintball game, because without a strategy you'll probably stumble away with large welts all over your body. And yet, so many organisations don't sit down and work out their strategy, but now we're talking about losing paychecks instead of getting some bruises!

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