Understanding the Model

The Essentials of Change

Virtual CIO Brisbane helps companies that can't justify the engagement of a full time IT Managerial expert. Working for only the hours you require, the focus is on planning and improvement activities to ensure you gain understand & control over your IT operations, identify and implement fit for purpose decisions, and ultimately help your company grow.

The Typical Client

A Senior exec (e.g. CFO, CEO) is managing IT, with 20+ computer based staff. There may be some in-house or outsourced IT techs who operate predominately in 'break-fix' mode. There are minimal planning activities, and insufficient understanding around IT spend - as a result IT operations are inefficient & risky, and fit for purpose decisions are not identified and implemented for growth.

Flexible Arrangements

Large companies generally have their own full time CIO or IT Manager, but what happens for companies that can't justify a full time expert IT Management resource? They can now get their own dedicated, part-time CIO, for only the hours they require. That could be a day a week, or 2 days a month - whatever is required to gain understanding & control, plan, and implement improvements.


The executive in charge of IT is freed up to focus on what they do best, while you get an expert managing your IT function at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource. Issues and improvement activities are quickly identified through effective planning, and fit for purpose decisions are implemented to improve company performance, reduce IT risk, and ultimately help your company grow.


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