Powers Accountants & Advisors Powers needed to test the market for the provision of IT hosting and managed services. Through a structured process, I helped compare offerings, and enhance the final contract for significant financial savings, and performance gains.

"Mike has been invaluable through a major IT review (hosting and managed services) from working with the incumbent, documenting the requirements right through to assessing the proposals. In the end we ended up staying with the incumbent but we now how have a better service, a better price, a better relationship with our IT provider and I have someone on hand to interpret/provide advice as and when I need it - all for a very reasonable hourly rate. We will keep using him for projects as an when the arise."

Group General Manager, Powers Accountants & Advisors

Veilability I started working with this amazing startup in July 2012 as their CIO. I've been working with them ever since across areas such as software lifecycle management, project management, IT operations setup, and capital raising. Veilability is now a live venture, soon to be generating revenues, and expanding both nationally and internationally.

"As part of a group of IT start-up web ventures, Veilability had no idea about appropriate structure and change processes, and as a result our initial company set-up needed work!  Virtual CIO Brisbane came in and provided significant effort and direction to ensure that our systems were standardised and well documented, and that we continue to make good decisions as we move forward in our IT business.  In addition to this, the expertise has allowed us to utilise them for extensive research and development activities, enabling us to identify and implement technologies that will ensure the initial uptake and ongoing success of our venture. Mike is now a formally recognised member of our management team, and part of our company success."

CEO, Veilability

Innovare Group I was employed by Innovare Group for a number of years as a senior IT consultant, and also IT Operations Manager. During their early years, I developed many of their internal consulting processes and frameworks, and was responsible for research and development efforts. I continue to work with the Innovare Group to assist on an overflow basis with their client requirements.

"Innovare Group utilises Optimise IT on a regular basis for Virtual CIO and project services.  They have contributed tremendously to the efficient operations of our organisation, and continue to provide regular "business as usual", and project services as we continue to move the organisation forward. This tremendous business model suits our organisation perfectly, and I highly recommend their services."

Managing Director, Innovare Group

Auspex Property Research As an ongoing client, I have systematically worked with Auspex Property Research to refine their IT spend across all areas. They are now in 'maintenance mode' (though technically that should be called 'continuous improvement mode'), and have ongoing benefits from implemented IT efficiencies, and reduced IT risk.

"While our initial engagement with Virtual CIO Brisbane was for a one-off general tidy up of our IT structure, the level of expertise provided means that we have switched to an ongoing engagement.  We are now being assisted with a wide variety of tasks such as information architecture refresh, complex spreadsheet development, and web strategy. The level of skills and expertise provided to us means that we essentially have a team of consultants on our staff - Mike has removed complexity, risk and cost, and has introduced efficiencies to ensure that our business is optimally supported by our IT budget. I can whole heartedly recommend Virtual CIO Brisbane to any organisation with unmanaged technical operations."

Royston James
CEO, Auspex

Bric Housing Bric Housing is a not for profit community housing organisation. Facing a number of IT challenges, including the obvious funding challenge for a not for profit, I conducted an extensive IT audit at no cost, including a full written report outlining issues and opportunities, priorities, and relative complexity of tasks. This provided them with sufficient understanding and direction to be able to refine funding requirements for their IT spend, and to develop an IT strategic plan for moving forward, and addressing their issues with a systematic approach.
Urban Land Development Authority The ULDA was faced with significant IT operational challenges, and I was tasked with finding a solution. It quickly became apparent that their challenges could not be quickly resolved, so over the course of a year I re-engineered their entire IT operations. This including migration of all outsourced IT services, and the establishment of strategic planning and governance frameworks. The entire project was completed on time, 5% under budget, and showed a return on investment in under 3 years.
Q-COMP As Manager of Information Systems at Q-COMP, I had the opportunity to establish a cutting edge but fully compliant IT operation. We were the first Queensland Government agency to virtualise all software systems, and subsequently forced licensing model changes for tier-1 software vendors. I renegotiated service delivery contracts for annual savings of $90k, and Q-COMP was fully compliant to Queensland Government Information standards - practically unheard of at the time!
Ernst & Young UK Where my technical support career really kicked off. I was hired by the CIO of Ernst & Young UK directly, despite actually knowing very little about IT support. I was hired with 4 others, each having about 3 years of experience. In 4 months they were all fired, and I was closing more support calls than anyone else in Ernst & Young UK IT. I was the 'go to' tech for getting things done, and also held a team leader position for the Y2K rollout.
British Broadcasting Corporation UK Where my passion for optimising IT spend started! Strangely I was hired as an assistant accountant (due to my spreadsheeting ability), and I worked with Management Accountants in the forecasting division. I set about teaching myself Excel VBA, so that I could write Excel macros and automate the manual but repetitive monthly processes conducted by the Management Accountants.

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