The Brisbane Virtual CIO service is for companies that want an expert managing their IT function, but can't justify the engagement of a full time resource. Engaging your own Virtual CIO will provide cost benefits that are easily quantifiable, and also benefits from having appropriate expertise which are largely unquantifiable (at least in the short term).

Quantifiable Benefits

In the first instance, you save money by freeing up the resource in your company that is currently managing IT. That makes them more productive in their area of expertise, and may include the opportunity for them to engage in more revenue generating activities (e.g. client billing). The following form can be used to determine how much money is freed up by releasing your internal resource from IT Managerial activities:

How many hours per week does your current resource spend managing IT?
If freed up, how many of these hours could be used to generate income (e.g. client billable)?
What is the hourly client bill out rate for this resource?
What is the salary (full package) for the resource currently managing your IT spend?
is the cost benefit of freeing up your internal resource from managing IT.

Unquantifiable Benefits

Now consider what a Virtual CIO could achieve in the same amount of time that you're currently investing into IT Management. These benefits are initially hard to put a dollar value against, but are significant and typically proportionate to your total IT spend. Benefit generating activities will revolve around:

  1. Robust planning processes to align IT and the business
  2. Structuring of IT based on good and best practice
  3. Evaluation of current contracts for suitability and value
  4. Implementation of change with appropriate controls and prioritisation
  5. Identification and implementation of fit for purpose solutions
  6. Identification and treatment of risk
  7. Management and Mentoring of internal IT support staff, for improved performance

When taking the quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits into account, my service will almost always pay for itself, and usually many times over! Contact me with the form below, and I'll prove the cost effectiveness of engaging me as your Virtual CIO.

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