IT Security Awareness Training for Staff

IT Security Staff Awareness Training

It is generally quoted that over 50% of IT security breaches are caused by inappropriate staff actions, and this typically happens because they are not trained in how to identify and handle IT security threats. When a breach can cost thousands to even hundreds of thousands of dollars due to lost productivity, IT recovery costs or damage to reputation, it's a good idea to think about how your staff can make better decisions when faced with IT these threats.

For this reason I have developed an IT Security Awarenesss program for staff, which quickly turns them from an IT security threat into an asset!

Course Contents

  • What is IT Security
  • Different types of threats
  • Examples for each type of threat
  • Tips for staying safe from each type of threat
  • How to read domain names
  • General tips for staying safe

Course Details

  • Cost is $670 (ex GST) for up to 15 people, with each additional person costing $30 (ex GST)
  • All training is conducted onsite at your Brisbane premises
  • Total course time is approximately 1.5 hours
  • A summary handout is provided for each attendee
  • A projector and screen is required to conduct the course
  • Webinar style training can be arranged if required

Cyber Risk Assessment

Virtual CIO Brisbane has teamed up with Cyber Health International to offer fully complementary services in IT security training and audit. While it's incredibly important to train your staff, it's equally important to identify and mitigate operational risks.

Cyber Health helps businesses understand their cyber security and privacy risk profile by conducting a comprehensive, nine step risk assessment of their operations. With the recent introduction of mandatory breach notification legislation, all healthcare organisations, or businesses with revenue over $3M, must report any data or privacy breach.  Failure to do so can result in a fine of up to $1.8M for a business.

After conducting the Cyber Health risk assessment, practices are likely to be seen as a lower risk to insure, and are often eligible for premium reductions.  There is also much better chance that any fine for a breach will be minimised because the practice has been proactive in their cyber/privacy risk posture.

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Some Testimonials

"I found your presentation to be worthwhile and informative. Whilst I was a little sceptical and thought it may not really be a good use of my time I was wrong. It was extremely worthwhile. I believe all companies should take the time to educate their staff on IT security. It is one of those funny things that you think you know but you don’t realise how vulnerable and easy it is for your system to be compromised."

"We'd like to take this opportunity to commend the trainer, Mike, for the professional way he presented himself and the training session today. Our staff all agree they learnt some very useful tips on ensuring safe and effective business and even personal IT security. The training session was in plain English and easy to understand."

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