There are generally 3 areas of work in IT:

  • Businss as Usual (BAU) - the regular tasks that are required to ensure that IT service delivery to the business is of consistently high quality
  • Ad-hoc - dealing with the unforeseen
  • Change - making things better

To thrive in each area, you need a specific set of abilities. For example, BAU people are usually well organised with good time management, ad-hoc people can (hopefully) remain calm under pressure, and change people are good at observing, planning, directing and communicating.

If you get an ad-hoc person to handle BAU tasks, they'll be bored out of their minds.  Conversely, a BAU person handling ad-hoc work will soon be on stress leave! Get either an ad-hoc or BAU person handling your change projects, and you'll just cost yourself money.  Why? Because change people are specifically trained in how to handle change, and it can be a complex process. Without the correct skills and experience, you risk total or partial project failure, and a lack of uptake by those affected by the change.

I always utilise good practice frameworks for handling change projects, and scale them appropriately for the size of your organisation, and the complexity of your projects. I will usually implement a simple framework that can provide consistency of process, with clarity around why a project should be initiated, how it should be run, how to get people along for the ride, and the benefits it will produce.

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