Knowledge & Information

In very simple terms, Information is what your company knows, and knowledge is how you handle that information, so these two components are essentially the core of any business. Despite their importance however, many organisations do not investigate them in isolation, and as such they will often have a number of potentially complex issues to resolve, such as:

  • ownership (ensuring that all information has an ultimate owner)
  • custodianship (those responsible for processing, analysing and storing)
  • quality (checking information for integrity as it is received, on at regular intervals)
  • security (access controls and protection mechanisms)
  • entry channels (assessing where information is received and entered)
  • duplication (implementing controls to provide consistency where data must be duplicated)
  • purity (controlling the iterative manipulation of data)
  • policies and procedures for the effective management of information (e.g. backups & restores, change controls, testing, business continuity

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