Web Strategy

Web technology is great for allowing people to find out about your company offerings, and even to provide internal efficiencies through the use of internal based web system (i.e. an Intranet for sharing company information and collaboration). The challenge now is that web technology and the usage of it is experiencing constant and rapid change, and web strategies need to be actively analysed, monitored and modified to keep up, and the analysis of your web

First and foremost, a poor website will simply mean that a large proportion of users will not stay to read your content, and no matter how you look at it, that can cost you a lot of money. If you think that your website is fine, consider the following:

  • Graphics and design are fashionable, and will date as web users favour sites with updated user experiences.
  • Software used for running the website and delivering the content will change quickly to provide new functionality, and reduce security risks.
  • Search engines like Google will regularly change the way they see and rate your site, which affects how people find your site.
  • The way that people want to find and interact with your company on the web is constantly changing.
  • The way that you reach people through paid advertising is constantly changing, and becoming increasingly complex.
  • Web sales techniques regularly change to ensure your 'call to action' is as successful as possible.

With our broad web experience, we can assist by:

  • managing your web project - determining and implementing a web strategy is potentially a complex undertaking with large financial implications.
  • ensuring you get value for money from having someone on your team who understands what you need, and importantly what you don't.
  • determining the most cost effective development and hosting solutions, whether they be on or offshore.
  • providing ongoing direction and advise for your web strategy to ensure that your company continues to attract and engage potential clients.

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